Tranquillity, clarity, peace of mind, restfulness and calm. These are just some of the qualities associated with serenity. A small, but crucial word that is the core theme for this series.

In an everyday life where many of us go full tilt, pedal to the metal, it is important to pause sometimes and savour the moment. To enjoy a change of scenery and a break from the pace of daily life, take a deep breath, bring our senses into play, exhale and reflect on life. Perhaps for an extended period or maybe just for a moment.  

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There is nothing better than having the time to do a jigsaw puzzle. Free time is in short supply, so we should use it well.

A jigsaw puzzle is a healthy break that helps you unwind after a busy day.

The ViSSEVASSE memory game is a perfect activity for the whole family, including the youngest members, but watch out – they often win!

Finally, we have designed a set of playing cards that you can use for solitaire or a traditional card game, like a round of rummy. Bring out the cards during the weekend and on holidays, and build new memories with family and friends, as you enjoy a fun time together where everyone gets to kick back and relax. 

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Do you also love the simple but beautiful expression?

We celebrate the minimalistic style with our new collection - the perfect choice to create a personal and enviable look in your home.

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Go baby

Alle beliebten Go Baby Poster von ViSSEVASSE finden Sie hier. Bulli, VW Käfer, Racing Bicycle, Skifahren und vieles mehr.

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Perfekte Paare

Alles macht mehr Spaß, wenn man es mit jemandem teilen kann. Erlebnisse, Räubergeschichten und gutes Essen. Das gilt aber auch für unsere Poster, die eine einzigartige Wirkung erzielen können, wenn man sie richtig zusammenstellt.

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Our children’s posters have a calm and simple expression. After all, children’s rooms can be cluttered and chaotic places sometimes...

We have gathered a selection of the posters we think are right for the children’s room. Maybe your son or daughter would prefer one of the other posters. Let them make their own choice. Ice Cream Lady is a big it with many girls, while Dreaming is popular with many boys.

The latest additions to our Children’s series include Tree House, Diver and Hand-Clapping Girls. This is our first actual children’s collection, and the process has been educational – and a lot of fun. We hope you’ll like them.

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Willkommen beim Design- und Papierstudio ViSSEVASSE.

Wir entwerfen hier visuelle Geschichten – ohne Anfang oder Ende. Also liegt es ganz an Ihnen, Gefühle, Gedanken und Erinnerungen mit unseren Motiven zu verknüpfen. Wir hoffen, Sie finden genau die Poster, Anlasskarten, Spiele oder Notizbücher, die ein Lächeln auf Ihre Lippen zaubern.